The B4FD Project features blog posts from guest writers that explore the far-reaching benefits of family dinner.

Family Dinner Month 2012: Sept 17 -- Oct 29, 2012


Family Meals Matter at Every Age

by Valerie Fung-A-Ling 

We all have our epic moments that mark our kids’ independence and our own success as parents.  I realized one of these moments recently in a conversation with my eldest son, Max and his college housemate Sam.

Max and Sam share a house with two other students – all four are [...]

Eat Better, Eat Together with Family Meals

by Ashley Rosales, R.D.

For some families, eating together is reserved for special events and holidays, like birthdays or Thanksgiving. These special occasion meals allow families to connect with each other, strengthen family ties and pass on family cultural traditions.

But family meals don’t have to be reserved for special [...]