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Family Dinner Month 2012: Sept 17 -- Oct 29, 2012



Blog for Family Dinner first launched the Month of Family Dinner in September 2011 and hosted daily blog posts from September 25, 2011 to October 24, 2011. Because of the great response from both readers and writers, we continued publishing into 2012, with new posts centered on monthly themes. This month, from September 17 to October 24, 2012, we reflect on lessons learned through our year of Blog for Family Dinner.

Thank you to all of those who have shared your wisdom and expertise to make this project happen. We hope that many readers will draw inspiration from B4FD and will make the commitment to more family meals in their life.

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Our Featured Bloggers

Month of Family Dinner 2011

9.25.11  Date Your Family at Dinner by Jane DeLaney, E-Mealz 

9.26.11  More than a Meal: Benefits of Eating Together by Angela Lemond, Mommy Dietitian 

9.27.11  Sound Like Your Morning? Saved by the Meal Plan by Aviva Goldfarb, The Scramble

9.28.11  The Truth About Family Dinner by Polly Dunn, Child Psych Mom

9.29.11  Videos 1) 5 Family Food Rules with Laurie David and 2) Melora Hardin’s family food rules from Parent Earth

9.30.11  Table Talk by Leanne Ely, Saving Dinner

10.1.11  Family Dinner: More to Enjoy than Food by Sharon Silver, Proactive Parenting

10.2.11  Confessions from a New Mom by Deb Dishman, 2 Dogs 2 Kids and Us

10.3.11 Keeping Kids Healthy, One Meal at a Time by Elizabeth Brotherton, PreventObesity.net

10.4 .11 The Reality of Family Dinner – and Making it Happen by Stacie Bills, One Hungry Mama

10.5.11 Why I Went on Strike by Anne K. Fishel, The Family Dinner Project 

10.6.11 Father’s Day At My House by Greg Johnson, Chef and Father

10.7.11 5 Easy Ways to Get Kids Interested in Family Dinner by Robin Shreeves, South Jersey Locavore

10.8.11 When to Bring Your iPhone to Dinner by Alison Anderson Holland, Not Your Church Cookbook

10.9.11 Family Dinner: The Screenplay by Jeanne P. Fratello, The Jolly Tomato

10.10.11 Eat Better, Eat Together with Family Meals by Ashley Rosales, Meals Matter 

10.11.11  Broccoli Dipped in a Wonderful Peanut Sauce by Waverly Gage, Peace & Love in the Kitchen 

10.12.11 Meal Time Dilemmas & The Picky Eater by Susan Epstein, Parenting Powers

10.13.11 Kids in the Kitchen! by Kia Robertson, Today I Ate a Rainbow  

10.14 .11 7 Mealtime Games to Encourage Family Dinners by by Janice Newell Bissex and Liz Weiss, The Meal Makeover Moms 

10.15.11 Try, Try Again by Angela Matthewson, I Sweat the Small Stuff 

10.16.11 Favorite Family Meals: Pizza Night 4 Ways by Jana Christian, Write on Jana! 

10.17.11 Making Family Dinners a Weekly Ritual by Joey Lee, Kids Cook Monday 

10.18.11 Picky Eater Special: Make Your Own Taco Night by Deb Koenig, Words to Eat By

10.19.11 Blame it On… by Jennifer Grant

10.20.11  The Value of Cooking and Eating as a Family by Julie Negrin, M.S.

10.21.11  Short-Order Cooking and the Family Dinner by Bettina Siegel, The Lunch Tray

10.22.11  We Eat Together by Becca Ludlum, Our Crazy Boys

10.23.11  Family Talk Time by Sue Atkins, The Parenting Coach

10.24.11  Family Dinner and the Food Revolution by Laurie David, noted activist and author of The Family Dinner Book

11.10.11 When Family Dinner is No Big Deal by Brianne DeRosa, Red, Round, or Green

12.01.11 Family Dinner: It’s Not Alway Pretty by  Sally Kuzemchak, M.S., R.D., Real Mom Nutrition

12.15.11 Getting Kids in on the Healthy Eating Game by Cristie Ritz-King, The Right Hand Mom


January: Renew Your Pledge to Family Dinner

1.5.12 A Resolution to Reclaim Dinner by Billy Mawhiney, Time at the Table

1.11.12 Bring Peace to the Family: Better Nutrition will Follow by Katja Rowell, MD, Family Feeding Dynamics

1.17.12 Wellness Lock-In: A Must-Do for All Families by Angela LeMond, RD, CSP, LD Mommy Dietitian

1.19.12 Five Tips for making a Successful Change by Kathleen Cuneo, Ph.D., Dinner Together 

1.24.12 Homogeny and Harmony at the Family Table by Julie Lass, Cook a Little, Talk a Little

1.25.12 Dinner at Home… by Rachael Warrington, Head Cook and Bottlewasher 

1.26.12 Family Dinner: A Daily Oasis to Savor by Andrea Reiser, Gold Coast Mama 

1.31.12 Getting on Top of the Dinner Plan: What I Learned from Running a Recipe Newsletter by Kati Chevaux, Cozi 


February: Kids in the Kitchen with Family Dinner

2.7.12 Family Dinner…Even When It’s Just You and the Baby By Louise Goldberg, An Apple a Day Nutrition 

2.8.12 In a Busy Kitchen With a Budding Chef by Jennifer Cordova, How to Peel an Onion 

2.9.12 Dinner Game: The After-Dinner Show By Fran Davis, Flavorfull Fork

2.14.12 Family Style by Jennifer Joffe, The Good Stuff 411 

2.15.12 How to Cook with Your Kid the Best ______________ (Fill-in-the-Blank) Ever! by Ben Cohen-Leadholm, Kids Are Awesome But So Am I

2.16.12 How Can We Get Our 5-year-old to Actually Join Us at the Table?! by Amy Sung, Dinner Tool

2.21.12 Kitchen Kids – Creating Cooking “Confidence” by Billy Mawhiney, Time at the Table

2.22.12 Cooking with Kids: Videos

2.23.12 Kids Cooking: “They will never eat that!” By Rachael Warrington, Headcook and BottleWasher

2.24.12  WNYC Asks: Kids Can Cook? featuring Grace Freedman, Eat Dinner

2.28.12 Kids Cooking Resources by The Blog for Family Dinner Team

2.29.12  My Little Kitchen Helpers by Rebecca Horsman, Tots to Teens Nutrition


March: All Kinds of Families and Family Dinner

3.2.12 All Kinds of Families and Family Dinner by Grace Freedman, Eat Dinner

3.6.12 Fish Tacos & A High School Musical by Cara Eisenpress, Big Girls, Small Kitchen

3.8.12 When Special Needs are Brought to the Family Dinner Table by Emily Barker, Eat to Thrive

3.13.12 Interview with Maggie: A Student’s Perspective by Billy Mawhiney, Time at the Table

3.15.12 Family Meals Matter at Every Age, by Valerie Fung-A-Ling, Meals Matter

3.20.12 Dinner With My Neighbors, by Kathleen Cuneo, Dinner Together

3.22.12 Family by Maria Birch, Blooming Radishes and Sustainable Dakota Digest

3.27.12 A Senior’s View of Family Dinner, by Judy Ruland as told to Grace R. Freedman, Eat Dinner

3.28.12 Unconventional Family Meals by Rachel Warrington, Head Cook and Bottle Washer

3.29.12 12 Adults, 16 Kids, 8 Years of Family Dinner by Bettina Siegel, The Lunch Tray 


April: Green, Gardens, and Family Dinner

4.3.12 Eight Secrets to Easy Composting by Aviva Goldfarb, The Scramble

4.5.12 Sharing Traditional Meals for Modern Health, by Sarah Dwyer, Oldways

4.10.12 How I Learned to Love Vegetables, by Ana Brady

4.12.12 Mommy, Do you Like My Chemicals? by Colleen Levine, Foodie Tots

4.17.12 Starting Seed Indoors, What you Need to Know by Karl Schmidt, Glacial Lakes Permaculture

4.19.12 Making Your Urban Garden a Reality, by Mike Lieberman, Urban Organic Gardener

4.24.12 Grow Good Eaters, by Kia Robertson, Today I Ate a Rainbow

4.26.12 School Gardens, Good Food and Family Meals, by Christiane Baker, Edible Schoolyard NYC


May: Celebrating Mothers and Influential Women in Family Dinner

5.1.12 Cooking Essentials I Learned from My Mom….With a Few Makeovers Mixed In by LIz Weiss, Meal Makeover Moms

5.3.12 My Family’s Non-Family Meals by Natalia Stasenko, Tribeca Nutrition

5.8.12  Spreading Mom’s Love Through Memories and Meals by Shari Brooks, My Judy the Foodie

5.10.12 Ordinary Pleasures by Jennifer Grant 

5.15.12 A Full Indian Meal by Neha Dedhia Shah, Baby Recs

5.17.12 Aunt Sandy’s Cherry Banana Pie by Serena Ball, Teaspoon of Spice

5.22.12 Cooking Does Not a Great Parent Make by Amy Kover, Cooking with Jeanne

5.24.12 Sundays with Sparky – Abuelita Elena’s Cold Zucchini Soup by Michelle Hays, Quips, Travails, and Braised Oxtails

5.29.12 On Grandmas, Food and Memories by Bettina Elias Siegel, The Lunch Tray

5.31.12 My Mennonite Mother and Dessert by Melodie Davis


June: Celebrating Dads and Influential Men in Family Dinner

6.5.12 Family Dinner Recipe: Coconut Rice with Black Beans, Plantains and Mango Salsa by Michael Natkin

6.7.12 It’s Always Family Dinner Time by John Donohue

6.12.12 Rhubarb Strawberry Slump – A Tribute to My Dad by Deanna Seagrave-Daly

6.14.12 My Dad’s Filet Mignon by Kathleen Cuneo


Month of Family Dinner 2012

9.19.12 Celebrate Family Day… by CASA Columbia

9.24.12 B4FD Reflections: Family Dinner and Health by Grace Freedman

9.27.12 B4FD Reflections: Fitting Family Dinner into Crazy Family Life by Grace Freedman

10.1.12 A Table Tradition by Billy Mawhiney

10.4.12 B4FD Reflections: The Tradition of a Nontraditional Family Dinner by Billy Mawhiney

10.8.12 What I’ve Learned from Family Dinner by Kathleen Cuneo

10.11.12 B4FD Reflections: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect by Kathleen Cuneo 

10.15.12 America Makes Dinner by Kati Chevaux

10.18.12 B4FD Reflections: Cooking with Kids by Kathleen Cuneo

10.22.12 Food Day – It’s Time to Eat Real! by Lilia Smelkova

10.25.12 B4FD Reflections: Today is a Gift by Billy Mawhiney

10.29.12 B4FD Reflections: Our Year in Blog for Family Dinner by Grace Freedman