The B4FD Project features blog posts from guest writers that explore the far-reaching benefits of family dinner.

Family Dinner Month 2012: Sept 17 -- Oct 29, 2012


Seven Mealtime “Games” to Encourage Family Dinners

by Janice Newell Bissex, MS, RD and Liz Weiss, MS, RD aka The Meal Makeover Moms 

It’s hard to believe we’re back to the daily routine of stuffing backpacks, assembling school lunches, and checking nightly homework but that’s the new reality for us and for families everywhere. With school back in full swing [...]

Kids in the Kitchen!

by Kia Robertson

Cooking with our kids is about so much more than cooking!

My daughter has been in the kitchen with me since she was a baby and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  As a little one sitting in her highchair, I would give her whole fruits and vegetables to [...]

Meal Time Dilemmas and The Picky Eater

by Susan Epstein, LCSW

Are meal times a nightmare in your house? Do you feel like a short order cook?

Do you feel disrespected, ineffectual and helpless in feeding your kids?

Parents everywhere are having this problem. In our attempt to encourage and give our kids every opportunity to be independent and make choices, we have lost our edge.


Broccoli Dipped in a Wonderful Peanut Sauce

by Waverly Gage

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” is an eaters’ manifesto coined by Michael Pollan and quoted everywhere. It is a noble goal, but come on. How does “mostly plants” translate to the family table? We can’t pretend that all children devour their vegetables. I have one that gags [...]

Eat Better, Eat Together with Family Meals

by Ashley Rosales, R.D.

For some families, eating together is reserved for special events and holidays, like birthdays or Thanksgiving. These special occasion meals allow families to connect with each other, strengthen family ties and pass on family cultural traditions.

But family meals don’t have to be reserved for special [...]

Family Dinner: The Screenplay

by Jeanne P. Fratello



A late-summer evening in a typical suburban backyard. A family of four is gathered around the dinner table. MOM is serving salad on each plate. DAD has just finished filling water glasses. KID 1, age 7, is fiddling with his [...]

When to Bring Your iPhone to Dinner

by Alison Anderson Holland

Following a mass layoff at his manufacturing plant in late 2008, my husband found himself in nursing school, a 2-hour drive from home. Meanwhile we’d worked hard to get our young family into a dinner routine. Then we hit the summer slide. And before we knew it, he [...]

5 Easy Ways to Get Kids Interested in Family Dinner

by Robin Shreeves

When you’re working on making family dinner an important family ritual, getting your kids involved will make them more interested in sitting down at the table with you. They don’t need to have a large involvement – there are several small, easy ways to involve your kids (and none of [...]

Father’s Day at My House

 by Chef Greg Johnson

Father’s Day is just another reminder to spend time with the kids and to do something special together, or to just remember someone who has inspired you in your life.

I involve my kids in what I love to do everyday whether it be cooking, organic gardening, music or [...]

Why I Went on Strike

by Dr. Anne K. Fishel

When my sons were 12 and 14, I went on strike. To demand more respect for my nightly dinners, I hung up my apron and just stopped cooking.

We had developed a pattern that, frankly, I was fed up with. Each night, my sons requested that I try [...]