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Family Dinner Month 2012: Sept 17 -- Oct 29, 2012


America Makes Dinner Day

by Kati Chevaux

At Cozi, we are constantly thinking about how to make it easier for families get a meal on the table every night. That’s why earlier this year, we teamed up with The Partnership for a Healthier America to find out what it would be like if we all made the same thing for dinner one night.

You know how you chit chat with friends and coworkers about TV shows and current events because you all watched or heard about the same thing the night before? Well, we wondered what it would like if a bunch of us made the same meal for dinner one night. Would we talk about it the next day? Compare reviews? Share funny stories about what the kids said about it? Probably! And if we all talked about what we had for dinner more often, would it be easier to make dinner because of all the great ideas? Maybe!

So coming up on Wednesday, October 17th is America Makes Dinner Day - the day we’re asking all families to sit down to dinner together.

Now, what to make? Of course any dinner will do, but we have a list of delicious and healthy dinner recipes that we’ve been collecting from chefs, celebrities and people who write about food for a living. You can find the top three vote-getters (as well as all the other recipes) on this page: www.AmericaMakesDinner.com.

Here was the very most favorite of all – Mexican Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole:

We hope you’ll join us and make dinner on the October 17th. And there are others ways to participate and maybe even win prizes (like an iPad!) - learn more about that here.

Kati Chevaux helps families get dinner on the table at Cozi.com, the #1 family calendar and organizing app. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two sons and when she visits her hometown of York, Pennsylvania, her “to-do list” always includes eating hard shell crabs, fresh produce (and donuts) from the Central Market, Smittie’s soft pretzels, and at least one of those meals from childhood that her mom still makes on request. 

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