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Family Dinner Month 2012: Sept 17 -- Oct 29, 2012


100 Cars for Good



Time at the Table, one of Blog for Family Dinner co-founders, has the opportunity to win a new car to expand its mission and you can help us.

Starting May 14 through August 21, it’s the voters’ turn to do their own good deed by voting for their favorite organizations and causes. All voters have to do is log in to their Facebook profile and use the 100 Cars for Good app to vote on one of that day’s five nonprofit organizations. Each afternoon, the previous day’s winner is announced and a fresh batch of five finalist organizations will be ready to compete for votes. Vote once a day because each vote counts and each day brings another new car to another deserving organization.

Time at the Table was chosen as one of the finalists and today is our day!

So why would you vote for Time at the Table? By the end of 2012, we plan to travel providing on-the-spot workshops for families throughout the state of South Dakota. A fuel-efficient vehicle would not only drive costs down, but further our mission to be more self-sustainable. We don’t just want to preach about sustainability and reconnecting to today’s busy and modern family, we want to lead by example. In addition to our direct services, we have taken on the mission that by the summer of 2013, groups and churches will be planting food pantry gardens to expand access to fresh foods for everyone regardless of income level. Check out this awesome video that tells you more.

Only one vote per facebook account, but you can sure share this with friends and family! Thank you!


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