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Family Dinner Month 2012: Sept 17 -- Oct 29, 2012


Aunt Sandy’s Cherry Banana Pie

By Serena Ball

During the month of Mother’s Day, I must share my Aunt Sandy’s recipe for cherry pie. It’s not your typical cherry pie. It’s Banana Cherry Pie flavored with cinnamon and almond extract and it was my very favorite pie as a child. I even occasionally asked for it for my birthday, instead of cake.

Aunt Sandy was an amazing cook. Her homemade chocolate bonbons were memorable – and so was her spaghetti with meat sauce, her elaborate birthday cakes for my cousin and her repertoire of delicious hamburger casseroles recipes. (Since she and her family lived on the same cattle ranch as did we – there was always a need for another variation on the hamburger casserole.)

My aunt also had diabetes. She managed it very well. But I’ve never forgotten what she told me when I announced I was going to college to be a dietitian; she said “I don’t like dietitians.” When I got over the initial shock, I found her to be an inspiration – to always, always think about the feelings of person on the other end of diet advice I was dispensing – and to make sure that guidance was realistic for them.

And in the end, it turns out Aunt Sandy may have known more than a few of her dietitians back in the day. She was able to manage her diabetes well by eating a fairly ‘normal’ – but healthfully home-cooked diet, and making sure she had quality protein at every meal and snack. That’s pretty near where recommendations for people with diabetes stand now: Eat the same healthful diet as the rest of the family – just monitor carbohydrates, fats and protein more carefully.

This pie is certainly not a low-carb pie. But it is chocked full of fruit and a moderate piece can obviously be worked into a healthful diet. I like to serve it to my kids as an afternoon snack along with a glass of protein-packed milk, which this month we will raise to mothers, grandmothers,  great-grandmothers and Aunt Sandy.

Serena Ball is half of the Teaspoon of Spice duo of “Two dietitians who love food as much as you do!” and blogs at TeaspoonofSpice.com. She is co-founder of the monthly healthy recipe challenge The Recipe Redux. Serena lives in a Chicago suburb with her husband, three young children and a haphazard garden in which only rhubarb and raspberries seem to thrive. She loves cooking with her kids and blogging about healthy, simple food that must be delicious.

Author’s note: This post originally appeared on President’s Day holiday weekend at: http://teaspooncomm.com/teaspoonofspice/2012/02/presidents-day-cherry-pie/

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