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Family Dinner Month 2012: Sept 17 -- Oct 29, 2012


Making Your Urban Garden a Reality

by Mike Lieberman

April 22 is Earth Day this year and Blog for Family Dinner has been focusing on greening your family dinner. One way that’s been highlighted is by eating food grown from you garden.

What about those of us that don’t have the space or room for a garden?

That’s a common excuse why most people don’t grow their own food and it’s where I come in to help you out.

You can be certain that you don’t need a big garden plot to have your own vegetable garden. Want some proof?  Here is my fire escape garden in NYC from 2009.

That fire escape is where I first started to have my organic garden. You have to have more space than that.

The techniques and strategies that you are going to read are from my personal experiences and have been used by my readers as well.

You might have read other gardening books or web sites. I know that I did and was horribly bored, confused and overwhelmed.

They were not speaking to me and my needs. This is why I provide information that is practical and to the point.

There is only one thing that I ask of you before you continue reading, you will take action.

If you can’t make that promise, please stop reading.


How to make your urban garden a reality:

1. Pick your garden plot.

I’ve included several ideas to help you think about your space differently and think about how you can use it for a garden.

2. How much sunlight your garden get?

This is one of the most important steps.


Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers won’t grow in a spot that gets only 3 hours of sunlight. If you attempt to, you are setting yourself up for failure.

After reading this post, you’ll know how to figure out the amount of sun your space gets.

3. Deciding what to grow

Once you have your plot picked and know how much sunlight you get, you can narrow down your choices even further. There are a few questions that you can ask yourself to help do so.

4. Buying from safe seed sources

Avoiding pesticides and eating healthy foods are the top reasons why you are growing your own food, so you are going to want to buy seeds from a company that you can trust. In this post, there is a list of 3 seed companies that value your health and the environment as much as you do.


Those are just the beginning. There is more to come so be sure to connect with me on on TwitterFacebookGoogle+ or at UrbanOrganicGardener to keep updated.

Now get to growing!


Mike Lieberman is the publisher of UrbanOrganicGardener.com where he shows people with little to no land how to start growing their own food so they can avoid toxic pesticides, eat healthier and not feel limited by their lack of experience and space.

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