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Family Dinner Month 2012: Sept 17 -- Oct 29, 2012


Interview with Maggie – a student’s perspective

by Billy Mawhiney

Originally aired 3.13.11

I had the pleasure of speaking with Maggie, an Aerospace Engineer student in her Senior year at Missouri University of Science and Technology. She speaks of balancing her struggles with everyday life in the midst of a taking a course-packed senior semester, adjusting to new housemates and even planning a wedding. Still, she and her housemates made a pledge to try weekly “family dinners.” Maggie also talks about the impact of pre-packaged food on campus, the family “chip-in” system with two working parents, and even a memory of an Old Fashion Sing-a-long!

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Billy Mawhiney, Founder of Time at the Table, a nonprofit organization simplistic at heart. We focus on reconnecting families around the dinner table through our workshop’s four main ingredients: Meal Management, Creating Conversations, Table Time, and Building Self-Sustainable families. In addition, we offer a variety of free family services targeted to support families enhancing their own dinner table experience.

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