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Family Dinner Month 2012: Sept 17 -- Oct 29, 2012


Cooking with Kids: Videos

All month B4FD has been encouraging you to get your kids involved in family dinner — what better way than in the kitchen! Today we are featuring a few of our favorite videos that show easy and fun ways to involve kids in cooking your next family meal. Try it! You might be surprised how much fun you have. Plus, you’ll have dinner!

From Parent Earth: Cooking with your Child with Latham Thomas: Squash Soup


From The KidsCook Monday: Julie Negrin makes Rainbow Couscous with NYC school children


From Better Together, Lila’s Cherry Clafouti, Grand Prize Winner of 2011 Video Contest

Recipe credit: Joy of Desserts Blog

See all the great entries from the Better Together contest here. All feature kids cooking with their parents, making easy, age-appropriate recipes.

Do you have a favorite kid’s cooking video to share? Add it to the comments! (Plus you’ll be entered to win our giveaway!)


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